Reviewing: Fracture (2007)


Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling in 2007's thriller "Fracture".

          Courtesy of Castle Rock Entertainment.

2007’s Fracture is a film that seemingly went under the radar in a year otherwise dominated by franchise installments like Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. And it’s certainly not the first kind of movie to do that; year after year, there are movies that are quietly released and often aren’t as successful at the box office as the movies I previously mentioned. Which is what makes discovering them on television or DVD all the more exciting. A cat-and-mouse-esque thriller, Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling play a wealthy aeronautical engineer and a young hotshot district attorney respectively. Hopkins’s character is being tried for the attempted murder of his wife, and Gosling’s character at first thinks it’s an open-and-shut case: the defendant has admitted to the crime, along with supplying a signed confession. But there’s much more going on under the surface. While I was expecting a somewhat more twisty thrill ride, the film more than suffices, thanks in large part to the equally great performances of both Gosling and Hopkins.






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