Reviewing: Baghead (2008)

The title character of 2008's "Baghead".

Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.

Filmmaker brothers Mark and Jay Duplass have carved out an extensive resume of projects, most notably those in the independent film genre. It’s in this genre that they truly thrive, churning out films that have oddball sensitivities, but are grounded in the real world. Their 2008 feature Baghead is one of them. The film follows four struggling actors, Matt (Ross Partridge of Stranger Things), Chad (frequent Duplass collaborator Steve Zissis), Michelle (a still-unknown Greta Gerwig), and Catherine (Elise Muller), who, after watching a shoddy film at a film festival, believe that they can make a movie that is not only more successful, but can launch their careers as well. They go up to a cabin in the woods and decide on a plot for their newly decided horror film: a group of people are stalked by a man wearing a paper bag over his head. Things become more complicated when a similar individual starts stalking our main characters. The film itself is enjoyable and strikes a clear balance between comedy, drama, and horror, and each of the actors are clearing enjoying themselves. I was hoping for a bit more intrigue in regards to the titular killer, maybe some more inventive ways he could have intimidated the main characters. Overall, it’s a good film: not great, and not terrible, but an enjoyable (albeit not entirely promising) film experience.


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