Reviewing: Crush (2013)

Crystal Reed (center) and Lucas Till (right) in "Crush".

Courtesy of FilmNation Entertainment.

Crush was a film that I had a degree of hope for: it had an intriguing premise (a high school student is obsessively and violently stalked by a crush) and a few actors I’d been familiar with. I wasn’t crazy about the trailer I saw, but I decided I had nothing to lose and watched the movie nonetheless. While the film is entertaining, it’s only to a degree. This is largely in part because of an almost cringe-worthy script and a predictable storyline, both wasting the talents of a group of very talented actors (Lucas Till, Sarah Bolger, and Crystal Reed, among others). I know it sounds harsh for a film that was released direct-to-DVD, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for those behind the film to not try as hard as they could have, as the premise is ripe for innovation and intrigue.




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